About Us

And what we're trying to accomplish


Lahore School of Photography is a project born from a realization. A realization that we, as photographers and designers and creatives, began to face every day when we sat down to work with people around us. It is a project that aims to fill a very important, very real gap that exists in the industry right now.

Creative people don't usually understand commercial limitations.

Photography institutes will train you in the art of photography, and teach you to make great images, and have eccentric ideas and fly high. But there is one very important thing that they will not teach you to do. They will not teach you how to tackle the big, bad world out there. The real world of Commercial Photography. The world where real points are given for delivery, and not creativity. Where practicality precedes eccentricity. Where you are limited not only by what you can imagine, but also by how much budget you’re allocated, and how much time you’re given for execution. Where you strive not for marks out of a hundred, but your client's’ approval, and the next contract.

When students from photography institutes enter the world of Commercial Photography, they have to experience this unsettling fact for themselves. The fact that the real world is far harsher and unforgiving than the Photography 101 teacher. That one missed deadline, even by an hour, could mean losing a client for life. And this is the very gap that Lahore School of Photography is trying to fill. With a course designed by real-life Commercial Photographers, LSP aims to be the most comprehensive Photography course ever to be offered in Pakistan. It aims to train students not just to take great images, but also what it takes to keep clients and stakeholders happy, to deliver on time, and to keep getting great contracts over and over again.