From concept, to delivery

Learn what it takes to deliver impressive campaigns over and over again.


A great image starts with a great idea. A concept that the photographer helps to bring to shape, in a manner that is commercially viable.


Starting from the very basics of photography, right up to the most advanced, cutting-edge techniques, learn from pros who do this every day for a living.


With state-of-the-art techniques, advanced workflows and softwares, we train students so that they can bring out the best in their photos.


Delight your clients with every project, learn to work with and maneuver tight deadlines, and deliver your best every time.

About Us

Lahore School of Photography is a project born from a realization. A realization that we, as photographers and designers and creatives, began to face every day when we sat down to work with people around us. It is a project that aims to fill a very important, very real gap that exists in the industry right now.

It is very difficult to find creative people that understand what commercial means.

For professionals, by professionals

The course has has been designed, and is taught by, professional photographers who do this for a living, day in and day out.

Recipe for success

This is your key to a successful career in Commercial Photography, the only course you will need.

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